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The Emotion Code &

Ivy Rose’s Sound Healing Work Explained



Energy knows no distance as we are all made of Energy. It is just like talking on the phone when I tune into you which is why you do not even need to be present. The energy is transferred via connecting in to your energy field just as a telephone line connects people from one side of the world to another.


I find and detect the answers to your concerns using Kiniesiology  aka muscle testing. I then relay the findings.

Lastly I clear them for you with the swipe of a magnet down the Governing Meridian. This is a major Energy line/meridian in Ancient Chinese Medicine. It is like a 'super highway' that runs from between your eyes, over your head and down your spine. All memories of your past are stored in your hippocampus in your brain so this makes sense that the magnet is run over the spine, neck and head to clear the trapped emotions. The memories will literally be neutralized from the point of the magnet being swiped downward. A large part of this healing work is also ancestral clearing. I have found and cleared many generations back in my own family maternal and paternal lines more than ten generations back! This is one of my favorite parts of this healing modality. You will literally feel loads of baggage lifted off you and realize that much of our “stuff” isn’t even ours but was inherited from our ancestors! When I first experienced this I felt it was truly MIRACULOUS! You will too! This is something you just have to experience for yourself to understand the amazing feeling of this work. Many people say they feel “lighter” and rightfully so. We don’t even realize the heavy luggage we are carrying around until it’s lifted and an energetic shift takes place. Many find themselves living a new life, attracting their dreams, their soul mates. Many of my clients found their soul mates after I helped clear their heart walls. You can read many of these testimonials at the bottom of the Home page of this site.


Stuck emotions pop up when we get triggered by experiences that happen to us in our lives in situations with others usually. We don’t even realize when we get upset that we are vibrating an OLD magnetic energy from a past experience. This is safe to say almost 100% of the time.

The everyday things that nag us- especially repeat Emotions that keep coming up like those we get with our spouse or family members that aggravate/trigger us are caused by old experiences and energies that are literally trapped in our cells and cellular memory of our brain, body cells and energy fields.

They are like an underlying program running on repeat and are magnetic. This is why you will attract the same upsets and situations over and over.

I can help detect and clear these trapped emotions on repeat for you with your help. If one is ready to heal and clear them then the healing happens easily. The intent of being “open and ready” is what will drive how fast or even how slow you will clear and heal.

YOU are always in the driver’s seat and I am just the facilitator working with your subconscious mind. I use Kiniesiology to muscle test as proxy on your behalf.

I am like a ‘Health Detective’ searching for answers and root causes to your issues and to clearing the walls around your heart that are keeping you back from the most joyful life you could live.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, invented this healing modality with the help of his wife’s dream. His wife dreamt of her heart underneath a wooden floor. After meditating on this dream Dr. Brad was shown that this had to do with his wife’s heart being literally walled off from the world due to her painful and dysfunctional childhood home and family. He then was guided by God/Spirit to make a chart of emotions connected to each organ of the body (Ancient Chinese Medicine). By muscle testing the chart he found that he was able to detect the root emotions causing the disturbance or that make up the energetic heart wall of trapped emotions. Once he detected the trapped emotion, he found that he could literally delete the trapped energy (neutralize it) by running a magnet down the Governing Meridian of the person or on himself acting as the person (by proxy/long distance). Using prayer and intention is a big key to this work as well. The Emotion Code Chart can be found under the Emotion Code Button on the Home page where you found this page.


The traumatic emotions from the past get trapped in your body and energy field causing frequency disturbance in your energy field and body and can even cause illness.

Hence, ’Trapped emotions' can make us sick and hold us back from Life.

They sit in our cells in our bodies and even in our organs and they trigger upsets in you when dealing with ver and over on a continuous life loop.


The emotions very much affect the body . The mind also affects the body in a big way and the mind likes to take over because it is attached to the ego more often than not. This imbalance of mental incongruency comes from the mind not being in synch with the heart. The Heart Mind is what we are now being asked as a Cohesive Humanity Community  to use as our complete navigational life system.

I feel that every one needs to start with clearing their Heart Wall first. EVERYONE has heart walls. If you are a Human on this planet right now most everyone has one

If the Heart is clear, then the trapped emotions in other parts of the body’s cells can clear that much easier.

The Heart is the Energetic navigational system (our very own internal GPS!) when it is totally unwalled, open, happy and free. When it is free it can then communicate with your mind so you can navigate your life with so much more EASE.


A clear and healed Heart is a pivotal reference point for EVERYTHING. The heart cannot lie when it is cleared and connected to Source Creation/God: LOVE.  The Heart Mind is a very real thing and has been Scientifically studied.-please see for more info.


I can help FREE and Heal your Heart using the Emotion Code together with Sound Healing. Using Sound Healing happened organically for while working on clients. I am pulled by my Spirit Guides to use a certain tuning fork or crystal/metal singing bowl and my own voice that is guided by my connection to Divine Mother and the Rose Star medicine lineage I am connected to. It’s usually a 528 HZ heart frequency tool that I am guided to use when clearing the heart walls of clients.. I have found this cuts the session time in half. Sound is a fast healer!



Some people like to go much slower and that is OK. 

All is in perfect order because your subconscious is doing all the directing.

“I just work here!” Like Dr. Brad says!



Sometimes you won’t feel much and then the memories surface later. Sometimes you feel so normal you don’t even remember what you felt like prior to the session not realizing a healing took place. I have found this healing work can put you in a present state of neutrality and forgetting of what trauma was even there ( as if it never was). Processing can also happen for a few days after: sleepiness, or even some detox symptoms like a cold etc. Just be gentle with self and rest and drink lots of pure water.


I am  the messenger and facilitator of your healing only.

You and your openness and willingness to heal and God/Source/

Creator's help are what ultimately help you to heal.Your openness and willingness to the energy also dictates how fast or slow you will clear the dross out of your energy bodies and cellular body.

I work specifically with the Highest and Purest Love Source of Creation, Divine Mother and The Divine Mothers are wholly present. They hold space with comfort and Love just for you. I am always humbled by the sacred beauty and feeling during a session where their energy is present. I also may get messages from your ancestors or guides and angels or from the Divine Mothers that I will relay to you as come up.

The world needs humanity’s hearts to be open to create a loving planet.

AN 'OPEN HEART' is not “weak”. Having walls around a heart only creates disturbance for self and others and keeps love away from you.


For in all vulnerability is the greatest strength : the ability to LOVE.

This is the greatest gift God gave us Humans.

We must remember how to use this gift again.

It has been hidden away by the masses for far too long. 



Ivy Rose


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