The DIvyne CrystEL Rose Star Mothers Speak

We welcome you aboard our Healing MOTHER SHIPof the

CrystEL Rose Star!

With SO Much Love From, 

The Divine Crysted  Peleadian, Galactic & Elohim Rose Mothers aka The CrystEl Rose Star Mothers

Greetings Beloved Divine HUman!

Many Ancient Mother Star Light Blessings and a BIG Welcome to our Mothership of  the CrystEL Rose Star!

This is where the HOME of DIvyne Rose Healing was born TODAY 9~13~2018 as we gift Ivy of the DIvyne Rose Star this new name. (13 is the Number of the Divine Feminine).

 Our Beloved Ground crew Ivy Rose has been working hard under the previous name of 'Blu Rose Healing' which is a vibratory name of  the Divine Mary. We felt it was TIME for an UPGRADE to match our Universal Mission. Names and words hold vibration and frequency and are in fact very important when trying to create or achieve a goal.  And the name of the previous Healing business on Earth needed to be changed to fit the BIGGER PLAN so as to bridge and meld the two as ONE COHESIVE Frequency(the Name and the Mission).

We are helping Humans to move FAR AWAY from the long road of separation the Earth and Humans have endured for so long.  Our MAIN Mission is bringing HEAVEN to EARTH! Literally! Through YOU, BY YOU and with our assistance we feel we can ACHIEVE OUR GOAL!

We are so ecstatic that you found your way HERE! We are so truly, truly happy there are no words! 

For what this means is that your Higher Self guided your Soul here to not only heal YOURSELF and raise YOUR vibration but you will be a part of our exciting MISSION to bring HEAVEN to EARTH Dear One!

We are so happy you found your way here! 

With Boundless Infinite Love, The CrystEL DIvyne Rose Star MOTHERS

We Are:  

1. The Founders, Ambassadors and Emissaries for the Mothership of the CrystEL Rose Star (MCRS)

2. Ancient Galactic Founders of :  Mothers of the Federation of Source Love Light (MFSLL) 

3. The Divine Crysted Elohim, AnjELs, Peleadians, and Love Galactic HEALERS

Our Mission: Operation H2E

Our Family Heart Ground Crew:

Ivy Rose aka Ivy J. Levinson who is an aspect on Earth of her Crysted Divine High Galactic and AnjEL ~Elohim Selves: 


AZATARA is the Galactic Heart Star Goddess Healer-Light Surgeon, Commander and Heart Engine of the CrystEL Star Rose Mothership and CoCommander with her Beloved Twin Flame ZATAR ‘Z’ of their Rainbow Fleet. 

AmaEL  is a Cryst Anj-El~ohim Divine Mother of the 13th Dimension. 

We Honor and Love YOU Deeply Dear One to Infinity and Beyond! 

The CrystEL Rose Star MOTHERS


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