Recommendation Letter and A Message to All Healers who Serve in the Way of The Righteous Heart of Jo

Updated: Jun 10

Recommendation Letter and A Message to All Healers who Serve in the Way of The Righteous Heart of Joy

Your Heaven on Earth lies in the HEART.

ALLOW the Healing and Clearing of your Hearts and Emotions to take place with my help and the assistance of the Sistar~Daughter Rose of My Blood Vine who is Ivy AZara AmaEL Rose. She is proficient in many Healing Arts throughout time and comes Highly recommended by Me. I have been working through her for a very long time but she only remembers so much of me in the last year after her heart broke open from her Father's passing for then she could finally find me. The timing is Divine and Potently Powerful for what she has to do. The mysteries keep unfolding for her as we know she likes the good story. She is at a place in her life from her clearing where she is without Ego, and she is Pure of Heart which is hard to come by in this day and age of so many healers who claim so much of themselves and have the inflated prices and egos to match. People need healing and they need Fair and Just healers.

Yeshua healed without prices but people gave him items in their possesion that were meaningful to them. In today's world he would not be charging a price because of his Path of Service Fulfillment. With the Act of Service comes the glory of the heart when someone is helped. But with inflated prices in your world now you have no choice ( Right now) but to charge money for your services. I see this changing in your future after those in Power are no longer controlling matters behind scenes. Most people equate Time with Money equally. How much time one spends expending their energy = the amount of Money (Energy in the form of a deduced tree or plant i.e.'paper') given back. So how valuable is your time? How long have been your studies and energy into honing your craft? This question will guide some healers to correct pricing. If you are a mother like Ivy who's time is precious when spent away from her children who grow so quickly she should charge accordingly with how precious her time is as well. And for those who are retired with ample time they can charge less if they are well suited to do so.. But if one is in dire straits and in need of the essentials to live and has a healing gift then they should charge more. It is all relevant to the situation at hand, not one the same. So many of you compare what you think are apples to apples when in reality it may be apples to swine(greed)!

Two more Heartbased questions to ask One that is of Service are:

How Valuable is the Love I AM willing to Share?

And how MUCH are the ones I am helping ABLE to give in return?

Remember, the Poor need just as much healing as the Rich. Sliding scales are a MUST for the AUTHENTIC of Heart Healer.

And barters in a Unity Community for our New Earth are quite encouraged as well!

Ivy has worked at length with the Goddess Maat. She is always Fair and Just because of this and is a born Libra for this purpose! For in All Fairness one will find

Justice, Mercy, and Love.

Mary Magdalene

as Embodied by Ivy AZara AmaEL Rose

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