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I have been working with healing energy since 1989. This is also when my Star Family started to show up in my dreams to tell me many things and when I started to see many Lightships wherever I went. These beings I have recently found are mostly the Pleiadians. They are the most Loving, beautiful beings who look like Humans and emit much Light,  Love and Compassion for Earth and Humans. I have a wonderful Healing Light Team that will work with you fulfill your needs.

I have a deep passion to help heal others on all levels: Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual. It is what truly drives me. My first healing journey started with myself as it does wih most healers. I was very much my own guinea pig.  I love working with Energy Healing and first got Reiki certified 1-3 in the early 2000's but have been working with energy and have been close to the Spiritual realms since a young child. 


I started out with a passion for teaching young children which I absolutely loved. I enjoyed working with them and seeing all their wonderful lightbulbs go off. I taught school substituting and working long term maternity leave assignments and full time assignments for 11 years. My first dream was to be an Art teacher and I did get a chance to do that but found out it wasn't my true calling. Being a Healer and following my Goddess Heart was.


My healing abilities have unfolded over the last twelve years just 6 weeks after the birth of my first child in 2006.

This was when I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. My family did not live nearby and I didn't have any close friends. I was severely fatigued. Just lifting my arm off the couch was beyond exhausting, I felt like I was trying to lift a car! Sadly, I was stationed on the couch so many afternoons when the fatigue would hit. And I hardly ever felt like playing with her. Oh! The horrible guilt!   My hormones were such a mess. I had no idea what this was that I had. I was on Synthroid (it didn't help a thing)  I would not accept this as my fate: that I would never get rid of this dis-ease and have to be on a drug the rest of my life. I was the type to never even take an aspirin!  


I have always STRONGLY felt that if there is a disease there is a CURE. There has to be. That is the balance of this world we live in: Night and Day, Up and Down,etc.... For to have one given factor there is always an opposite: ALWAYS. This counter balance is the nature of our world.  

So... THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET. I just googled "if someone had reversed Hashimotos" and lo and behold I found the book How I Reversed my Hashimotos written by a man who basically changed his diet and exercised.  This gave me the HOPE I was searching for! Gluten was the first thing I got rid of and after a while my energy came back much better than it was.


All was still not perfect with my health and I still wasn't losing weight....

 emotions and hormones were still a rollercoaster as well and I had a lot of anger. I knew I needed to get to the root cause of this issue I had. And I figured if I could find out why I had gotten it then I could clear it for once and for all. I love detective work and digging for answers until I find one. It has always been my nature so this was the perfect work for me! I even used to have dreams when I was in high school that I was working as a detective solving crimes with forensics. And this was wayyy before the show CSI and 'forensics' was not even a houshold name!  


Enter You Wealth Revolution in 2011, Darius Barazandeh's Webinar Spiritual Healing Talk Show. He had on Dr. Bradley Nelson, a chiropractor who had invented The Emotion Code which is a healing method where you get to be just like a detective: a SPIRITUAL HEALTH DETECTIVE using muscle testing to get the answers you seek from your subconscious mind. Every thing is energy so being able to connect with other beings via the love in your heart to help them using clear heart centered INTENT to help them is key with this work. 


I was feeling such guilt at the time because I wasn't the mother I had always dreamed I would be. My own health had sabotaged my dreams. This method of healing so inspired me because it literally changes the past by taking the energetic 'charge' off the emotion associated with the emotional events in your life. You still remember the stressful event but no longer are triggered emotionally by it. (Yes, the Emotion Code really does that!)  I bought Dr. Brad's book and got to work on myself to heal my guilt for starters!  I found that my favorite part of the work was clearing the Ancestral genetic/DNA lines and being able to clear not only my history and patterns but those of my Mom's, Dad's, brother's. sister's, pets, etc.. I started seeing a change in those around me. My daughter became happier and so did I. By clearing my Dad's genetic lines he seemed to be more relaxed and he rediscovered his passion for music by playing guitar again, taking lessons and singing. My Dad got to live his last few years really fulfilling his soul. He passed away on Elvis' 80th birthday (incidentally he loved Elvis being a child of the 50's) If it weren't for his passing I wouldn't have felt the push to really put my own self out there and really take a hold of my own Passion and Path of Healing and YOU wouldn't be reading these words right now. His unexpected death gave me the push to start my online healing business. I LOVE YOU DAD!


I decided to get certified in this modality and in 2012 became a certified Emotion Code Practitioner able to clear the trapped emotions from the hearts, bodies, and souls of anyone. How Amazing is that?!

I love my Work and hope I can help you too!


Another very important aspect of my work is also deeply rooted in Healing the Divine Feminine and the BALANCE between the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

This website is imbued with the Divine Peace and Comfort that only the Divine Mothers can bring. May You get a Healing while Viewing each page. You can listen to my latest Healing Songs and Divinely Channeled Messages and Poems from my High Self and Master Guides on the DIvyne Rose Mother (DRM) Blog page.


THANK YOU for Reading and Visiting my Site. I hope to connect with you to help facilitate your healing journey! 


Great Blessings of Health and Wholeness!

Love and Light!

Ivy Rose

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