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We welcome you aboard our Healing MOTHER SHIPof the

CrystEL Rose Star!

With SO Much Love From, 

The Divine Crysted  Peleadian, Galactic & Elohim Rose Mothers aka The CrystEl Rose Star Mothers

Greetings Beloved Divine HUman!

Many Ancient Mother Star Light Blessings and a BIG...

July 12, 2016

We are All Just Bits of Stardust

Glinting in the Beams of Light

Glowing In the Dark

Here to Shine Our Unique Light

For a Time That

Flashes Fast as a Night

Come to Stay for a Time Delay

Gone Tomorrow 

Change to 


Conceal Emerge Conglomerate


All Fall Down

All Get Up


 Reccomendation Letter and A Message to All Healers who Serve in the Way of The Righteous Heart of Joy 

Your Heaven on Earth lies in the HEART.

ALLOW the Healing and Clearing of your Hearts and Emotions to take place with my help and the assistance of the Sistar~Dau...

March 10, 2016

"Your Blood is HOLY, your Blood is SACRED.

It has always been so since the beginning of time. 

REVERENCE for ALL life is a MUST to create Heaven on Earth.

For in the Beginning was the WORD and the Word was GOD who created All of the Earth, her creatures and Humanity. GOD...

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