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 Ivy Rose Levinson


Other Certifications and Studies:

*Certified Emotion Code Practitioner-2013

I use this to clear the body of 'trapped emotions' and Heart Walls made up of Trapped Emotions from the past which cause eventual physical 'dis' EASE and stress in the body.


*Reiki Master Practitioner Usui Traditional Method

Reiki 1 Cert -2002, Reiki 2-2003, Reiki 3 Master Practitioner- 2004.


*I am also the proud owner of Dr. Bradley Nelson's: The Body Code-2015. 

The Body Code is a system based off of the original Emotion Code system of healing. It is formulated to detect the root causes of your imbalances be they mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

I find the root cause of the issue or dis-ease using muscle testing/also known as Kiniesiology and then clear the issues using magnets, sound frequencies and light frequencies (see below). 


*Priest in the Order of Melchizedek at your Humble Service able to perform weddings/ceremonies of Love and Ceremonies of Initiation and Anointings


*Sound, Light and Vibrational Frequency Healing using my voice as a vessel from God Creator Divine Mother Source, tuning forks and sound bowls.

*I have studied intensely the areas of Holistic Health, Nutrition, Detoxification, Energy Medicine, and keeping the body clean and clear as well as using the ancient Holy medicines of herbs and essential oils.

My entire philosophy centers around healing the Whole Being:

Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Body 



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