Energetic Emotional Healing and 

Unification for the HeartMindBody & Soul



What I Can Do For YOU


DNA Ancestral Lineage Clearing & Healing for

PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE Generations and Clearing of your Heart Wall/s and Trapped Emotions with The Emotion Code and Sound Healing  

Clear Your Soul Records, 

Take you on Divine Christed Anjelic & Galactic Healing Journeys for your Soul 

Sound, Song  & Light Healing with The Divine Mothers and

 Star Mothers and GrandMothers


 Divinely Guided Healings Tailored for You in the Present


I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner


Start by healing your Heart Wall and Clearing your Trapped Emotions Today to Free you from your past for the JOYFUL future you deserve!


Learn more about how The Emotion Code can help you by clearing your Trapped Emotions, clearing your Ancestral Lineage. What is muscle testing and how can it help you,  what makes up a Heart Wall, what is proxy testing, why we use magnets and more!


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